Prayer Request


James 5:16 says that the prayers of the righteous are powerful and effective. While prayer is a mainstay of any body of believers, in Chi Alpha we do it on purpose, not only at our weekly large group meetings, but in our small groups as well.

Every Thursday night a group of students and staff meet at The Refuge to pray and seek to be closer to Jesus and to hear what His Spirit says to each of us.  We have named the time of prayer and seeking the greater gifts of the Holy Spirit "The Well" after the time Jesus spent with the Samaritan woman at the well showing her where she could find living water.  We too want this living water.  Interested?? Get in touch with us by sending us a message and we will get you more info! 

We want to be known as a "people who call on the name of the Lord."

I read once that " You can tell how popular an evangelist is by the number of people that come to church on a Saturday night, and you can tell how popular a pastor is by how many people come to church on a Sunday morning and finally you can tell how popular Jesus is by how many show up to a prayer meetings." Jim Cymbala