Some great places and groups to plug into when you come to

Chi Alpha Chadron State 

In Matthew 28 Christ calls us to

"Go and make Disciples of all nations"

As Jesus had His disciples, so should we. 
In Chi Alpha at Chadron State, you will find a place to grow and learn under strong leadership from your pastors and staff members. 
Our ministry has been blessed with a volunteer staff of strong Christians as well as Pastor Tanner and Courtney Sherlock to help guide students on the path of righteousness.  Those included in the staff are Matt and Leah Harris.

At Chi Alpha you will not lack the opportunity for discipleship, and it is our hope and prayer you will find your calling and be equipped to accomplish the task the Lord has put before you.   


Womens small group

meets on Mondays @ 7:00 in the lobby of Edna

Mens Small Group
 meets on Thursdays @ 8:00 in the lobby of Edna



Tanner Sherlock~ Chi Alpha Director 

Courtney Sherlock- Chi Alpha director

Matthew Harris ~Staff/Mentor

Leah Harris~Staff/Mentor